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Li-Ion 18650 Batt/ADC-L2 Li-Ion Charger Set

               This is the Arrma Li-Ion 2-Bay Battery Charger                  
           and two INR18650P 1500mAh Button Top Li-Ion Batteries.              
FEATURES: For use with the Arrma 1/10 scale Voltage series of vehicles         
          Two charge rates, 0.5A charges batteries in three hours, or 1A       
            rate charges batteries in 1-1/2 hour (charge time for two, four    
            or six batteries is the same)                                      
INCLUDES: Arrma Li-Ion 2-Bay Battery Charger                                   
          Two INR18650P 1500mAh Button Top Li-Ion Batteries, ARAC2910          
          US 2-Pin Power Adapter                                               
SPECS:      Charger;                                                           
          Input Voltage: 110-240V AC                                           
          Input Current: 0.25A                                                 
          Output Voltage: 4.2V DC                                              
          Charge Current: 0.65A                                                
          Charge Method: CC/CV (constant current/constant voltage)             
          Compatible Battery Type: Li-Ion 18650                                
          Chemistry: INR                                                       
          Nominal Voltage: 3.7V                                                
          Max Charge Voltage: 4.20 - 4.25V                                     
          Max Charging Current: 1.5A                                           
          Max Continuous Discharge: 20A                                        
          Capacity: 1500mAh                                                    
          Watt Hours: 5.5                                                      
          Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.71" (65 x 18mm)                                  
          Weight: 1.5oz (44g)                                                  
          Do Not Discharge Below: 3.1V                                         
COMMENTS: Battery charger is for use only with INR18650P Li-Ion batteries.     
          Charger will not charge LiPo, NiMH, or NiCd batteries.