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RTR Fluorescent Raspberry Paint

Racer's Choice is pleased to announce a premium line of non-toxic, water-based airbrush paints for the polycarbonate and Lexan materials used in R/C and slot car racing, as well as for many other types of materials. It is formulated to be easy to apply right out of the bottle and being water-based, features easy clean-up. It is also specifically designed with flexibility to resist chipping and cracking from impacts during competitive racing. Racer’s Choice paint is also perfect for other types of  hobby projects when finished with a gloss top coat.

The Racer’s Choice quality paint line is proudly made in the USA. The first choice for both beginning painters and for experienced professionals!

For Painting Slot and R/C Car lexan Bodies.
Remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and impact damage.
All bottles are 2oz/60ml in size.
Water Based paint
Can be used with any air-brush that delivers over 40 to 70 psi, and Uses a MEDIUM tip.