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Taper Chassis Weight

         This is a Set of 2.1oz Tapered Chassis Weights from Revell.           
                         Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.                          
FEATURES: The heavier your car, the faster it goes                             
          Ultra-safe, 99.99% lead-free weights are sectioned off into          
            different sizes                                                    
          Use the included screws to safely secure the weights to your         
            car's chassis                                                      
          Carded packaging with instructions on rear                           
INCLUDES: One 2.1oz tapered chassis weights                                    
REQUIRES: Glue and gap filler (RMXY9617)                                       
SPECS:    Length: 4.5" (114.3mm)                                               
          Width: 1.3" (33.02mm)                                                
          Weight: 2.1oz (58.3g)                                                
COMMENTS: Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Product

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