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Space Hunting; Navitas Rover 3D Wooden Puzzle

Space Hunting; Navitas Rover (Hermes Rover) 3D Wooden Puzzle

Robotime-ROKR LS504 Navitas Rover is a space hunting cart 100% powered by solar energy. This ROKR 3D wooden puzzle is inspired by NASA's exploration space rover and combines the STEM concepts. LS504 comes with the task of collecting new energy resources and transporting them to camps for scientific research. Challenge yourself by assembling all the pieces together and fulfilling your space fantasy.

*Due to customs policy wax and glue may not be included in packages.

SOLAR PANEL: Powered 100% by solar energy and function.
VIVID DETAILS: It includes a crane arm and string hook to lift, a trailer to upload, a ladder to climb, and a control room to drive.
STEM CONCEPT: The mechanism involves many scientific principles and concepts. It will enhance your understanding of STEM and car mechanisms.
EDUCATIONAL TOY & GIFT: Best gift for kids and space hunting lovers. Enjoy a relaxing building hobby with family and friends.


Assembled Size: 230*80*110 mm
Packaging Size: 237*175*41 mm
Wood Pieces:194 pcs
Package: Gift Box
Series: Spacing Hunting
Weight: 400g
Type: Solar Energy Powered
Estimated assembly time: 4-8 hours.
Age Range: > 8 years old