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Powerhobby GNSS Performance Analyzer Bluetooth SPEED METER & Data Logger GPS

Download the Andriod and iOS app:

Andriod : Search app store for  " Power GNSS "

iOS: Search app store for  " Power GNSS "

The Powerhobby GNSS Performance Analyzer Bluetooth Speed Meter & Data Logger makes it easy to see who really is the fastest. How many times have the bragging sessions gotten out of hand? Now, you can prove your RC car or plane is the fastest on earth! The app-enabled GNSS Performance Analyzer in an affordable, compact device that will give you a cutting edge to measure the overall performance of your model accurately. Use the free app on your iOS or Android device, strap the GNSS Analyzer to your car, and get real time updates of how fast you are really going. The device is small at just 40x39x16mm, and weighs just 38 grams. Plus, an internal antenna allows easy mounting in any model. Additionally, the GNSS does a lot more than just display speed - read on to see how the GNSS Analyzer can benefit your need for speed..


  • Know your speed - before and after modifications: The GNSS Performance Meter is a professional-grade instrument that will help you make educated decisions. Installed new mods? Now you can see if your changes are having a positive effect, and get that feedback fast - right on your phone.
  • Improved accuracy using two satellite constellations: The GNSS Performance Analyzer supports GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), using both GPS and GLONASS systems. This means there is a larger number of satellites orbiting the earth that the unit can work with. This means improved positional accuracy due to tracking two satellite constellations, instead of just GPS.
  • Small but Versatile: GNSS Performance Analyzer allows you to measure and analyze Acceleration, G-force, Speed, Time, Distance, Height and Vertical Velocity of your RC car and aircraft airplane’s performance using the latest GNSS engine (GPS, GLONASS). With its compact 40x39x16mm dimensions and internal antenna, this 38 gram meter is incredibly lightweight, making it an ideal choice for RC cars & airplanes.
  • Built-in LiPo Battery: The built in battery provides up to 5 hours of operating time. A micro USB port is used for charging, allowing convenient charging from a USB port or other compatible USB power source.
  • Go Mobile with the App: With the free GNSS PA App, drivers can track and monitor the speed of their model remotely from an Android or iOS device. The built in Bluetooth 4.0 module makes it easy to read data on the fly. With three modes tailored for drag, track and flying, now you can turn dull data into interesting analytics to fine tune your model.
          Drag Race: The GNSS PA App software automatically charts slope on as time elapses. Saved runs can be read by the App, allowing analyzing of average speed, maximum speed, and acceleration within the given time and defined distance. You can also define your own performance windows for measuring braking time, acceleration (e.g., 0-30 km/h, 10-50 km/h, 10 meters or any custom setting), G-force measurement, Max Speed, Average Speed, Distance, High and Vertical Velocity.
         Track Race: The meter can also be used as a speedometer and provides accurate logging of speed data.
         Flying Mode: The meter measures average speed?maximum speed?time elapsed?distance and altitude.
  • Visual LED Indicator: The GNSS Analyzer is equipped with 3 LED indicators, signaling different operating modes. Open GNSS PA on the smartphone, the analyzer’s Bluetooth icon will stay steady blue, reflecting the device is connected; the satellite icon will stay steady green after successful GNSS signal acquisition.
  • Built-in 1M Memory: The built-in 1M memory can record up to 50 records. And all the data can be transferred to the smartphone for analyzing! When the Flash is full, the previous record will be replaced automatically. Now you don't have to think about clearing data all the time or worry about missing the critical tracking data when the memory is full.
  • Supports Metric and Imperial Measurement: Use the app to easily switch between Metric and Imperial measurement.


  • Concurrent Reception: GPS & GLONASS
  • Receiver: L1, 1575.42 MHZ
  • Update Frequency: 10 Hz
  • Antenna Type: Built In
  • Satellite Signal Reception Sensitivity: -167dBm
  • Dimensions: 40x39x16mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - +40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -10°C - +70°C
  • Operating Humidity: 5% - 90%

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