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FELONY 6S Trimmed Body (Clear)

ARRMA FELONY 6S Trimmed Body (Clear)

This high-quality clear FELONY 6S BLX bodyshell is perfect for creating a custom painted look for your ARRMA vehicle.


Tough polycarbonate material for increased impact resistance and long-lasting durability - Multi-part FELONY 6S BLX body includes main body, lower side skirts and engine cover parts - FELONY 6S BLX vinyl decal sheet included for added detail - Pre-trimmed and drilled for fast and easy fit - Window masks included for fast and accurate masking of windows prior to painting - Protective over-spray film installed - Strong double-sided tape included to fix side skirts to body after paint has been applied


1 x FELONY 6S BLX Body (Clear)

2 x FELONY 6S BLX Side Skirts (Clear)

2 x FELONY 6S BLX Engine Cover (Clear)

1 x FELONY 6S BLX Decal Sheet

1 x FELONY 6S BLX Window Mask Sheet

2 x 140 x 20mm Double Sided Tape