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MINI-Z 4x4 MX-01 Land Rover Defender (Green)

Kyosho MINI-Z 4x4 Series MX-01 Readyset Land Rover Defender 90 Coniston Green

The Land Rover Defender 90 is now added to the MINI-Z 4x4 line. The extremely popular British off-road SUV has been accurately downscaled to a table-top crawling size!.

Complete chassis with built-in electronics.
Factory-painted body complete with many fine details
KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter
Pinion gear set(10T, 12T,14T, 16T, 18T, 20T
3 types of motor spacers
Pairing stick

8 x AAA batteries

Scale: 1/24
Length: 185.8mm
Width: 83mm
Height: 104mm
Chassis Type: MX-01
Wheelbase: 110.0mm
Tread (F): 72.7mm
Tread (R): 72.7m
Weight: 248.6g (excl. battery)
130 class motor
Gear Ratio: 55.44, 46.20, 39.60, 34.65, 30.80, 27.72:1
Tire Diameter (F/R): 42.0mm/42.0mm
Tire Width (F): 14.3mm
Tire Width (R): 14.3mm
Transmitter: included (KT-531P)
Top speed: approx. 2.7 - 5.4 km/h
Runtime: approx. 60min


  • KT-531P transmitter features steering trim, throttle trim, steering D/R, light flashing speed
  • Incorporates a ladder frame design with steel vertical plates
  • Full ball bearing specifications
  • The factory-painted body has so much detail it rivals that of a die cast model
  • Slipper clutch protects the drive system by reducing excessive load applied