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MK3 Turbine Slipper DR10

Exotek MK3 Turbine Slipper w/3 Pads

The Exotek MK3 Turbine Slipper is an optional slipper system that fits Team Associated DR10 and TLR 22 (1.0-5.0) top shafts and uses AE Octalock spur gears. This system provides faster slipper cool down, allowing you to get ready for the next pass quicker.

3 friction plates provide added consistency, while the added heat sink fins act as fan blades when the motor spins for increased air flow over the slipper plates. This helps reduce heat glazing of the slipper pads which results in melted pads.

Includes 3 high grade LCF pro style slipper pads for Octalock type Associated spur gears (gear not included). These pads have a small 12mm inner diameter to create more surface area for improved slipper efficiency. Works with the stock DR10/TLR 22 top shafts and requires AE Octalock spur gears. Can be used with the 2wd SLASH but requires Exotek EXO2017 Top Shaft. Use the stock red spacer on TLR 22 shafts.

NOTE: Not compatible with the Losi 22S Drag.

NOTE: Requires AE Octalock spur gears.


Losi 22 5.0 AC
Losi 22 5.0 DC
Losi 22 5.0 Elite
Losi 22 5.0 SR
Team Associated DR10