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Super Rock Rey Front Spindle Set (Black) (2)

RPM Losi Super Rock Rey Front Spindle Set (Black) (2)

The RPM Losi Super Rock Rey Front Spindle Set is the answer to steering arm breakage encountered with the stock spindle set. RPM Spindles for the Super Rock Rey are the upgraded alternative, with reinforced steering arm ribs that triangulate further than stock, strengthening the steering arm to unbreakable levels. RPM also increased the amount of support material surrounding the axle bearings to improve overall strength and crash survivability. RPM Spindles for the Losi Super Rock Rey utilize stock suspension geometry and are molded from an tough blend of engineering grade nylons for the best possible aftermarket option you can find.
  • Replaces stock Losi parts
  • Caliper mount replaces the caliper mount from Losi
  • 4 grams lighter than stock
  • Redesigned and reinforced steering arms