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Kyosho ZEPHYR Quadcopter Drone Racer Readyset (Black)

This is the Kyosho ZEPHYR Readyset Quadcopter Racer Drone with a 2.4GHz Radio System, Flight Battery and Battery Charger. Unlike existing drones that are difficult to control, this sensational drone racer is controlled like an R/C car with a pistol-grip transmitter. Takeoff and auto-hover with one-touch control using ultrasonic sensors that remove the frustration of learning complicated flying techniques. Now you can experience the fun of drone flying at your own pace.

Speeds over the ground just like a Hoverboard
The drone racer is equipped with advanced ultrasonic sensors, 6-axis gyroscope (3-axis angle speed sensors, 3-axis acceleration sensors), barometric pressure sensor and four fast response mini coreless motors. Speed switching function provides a choice between “Easy Mode” and “Active Mode” and delivers direct intuitive flight control.

Altitude is automatically maintained with ultrasonic and barometric pressure sensors. Altitude setting of 35cm or 60cm can be selected with a switch on the R/C system and one-touch control is used for takeoff, hovering and landing. The drone racer is not designed for high altitude performance, but instead, for people to enjoy safe flying near the ground.


Readyset aircraft is ready out of the box
Utilizes 2.4GHz pistol grip transmitter
Flies near the ground like a hoverboard
Adjust altitude to 35cm or 60cm with the flick of a switch
One-tough control is used for takeoff, hovering and landing
Equipped with 6-axis gyroscope, ultrasonic sensors and barometric pressure sensors
Speed switching from "Easy Mode" or "Active Mode"
Propeller unit angle can be changed between 0°, 10° & 20° for more stability or speed
Length: 302mm (with guard)
Width: 300mm (with guard)
Height: 65mm
Gear Ratio: 5 : 1
Weight: 130g approx.
Motor: 8.5mm coreless
Battery: 3.7V-1000mAh
Propeller: D5 x P4
Flight Time: 10 min approx.
Charging Time: 1-2 hours (depending on USB power output)
Speed: 30km/h approx. out of the box (with 0° propeller unit angle - 30km/h; with 20° propeller unit angle - 34.5km/h)
Energy density: 318Wh/L (not subjected PSE)
Flight altitude: Low 35cm/High 60cm approx. (setting can be changed using software application)

2.4GHz Transmitter KT-231P+
USB auto cut charger
Pinion gear replacement tool (combination binding stick)
3.7V-1000mAh Li-Po battery
Arm holder (10°, 20°)
USB cable
Spare propeller (for one drone)
Quick start guide
Instruction manual
Needed To Complete:

(4) "AA" Batteries (for transmitter)
Computer with USB port (for charging) or USB power adapter (if output is more than 2A, full charge can be complete within one hour)