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1/5 36cc Sand Rail W/ Metal Roll Cage

1/5 Scale Rovan 360GT Gas Baja Buggy RTR 36cc Sand Rail 

  • 4-bolt 36cc Engine with Walbro 997 carburetor and Dual Outlet Chrome Steel Tuned Pipe 
  • This Buggy is Huge at almost 33 inches long.
  • Can reach speeds of 40+ mph right out of the box.
  • It gives you the feel of racing the real thing.
  • Stock parts and aftermarket parts are available everywhere for this truck including hobby shops, HPI, online etc.
  • Since most HPI 5B parts bolt right on this truck as well as the vast amount of aftermarket parts, it is very easy to maintain this truck.

  • 36cc powerful 4 bolt Rovan sport engine with Walbro 997 carburetor and NGK spark plug
  • Large steel sand rail style roll cage Installed
  • Steel rear bumper/pipe protector
  • Symmetrical Steering with Upgrade 75KG metal gear steering servo
  • 18KG metal gear throttle servo
  • Alloy gear differential case
  • 8000 RPM clutch with HD clutch Bell/Pinion and Aluminum clutch brace
  • All-Terrain style on/off road tires mounted on HD 6 spoke rims with inner metal hex
  • 6V 3000 mAh NIMH Rechargeable battery
  • Chrome steel Dual Outlet tuned pipe
  • Front and rear Nylon suspension arms
  • Front and rear sway bar set
  • 6mm shaft aluminum shocks
  • Metal clutch brace
  • CNC Aluminum HD rear shock mounting brace
  • Huge 9mm heavy duty drive shafts
  • Upgraded CNC all aluminum shocks
  • Full ball bearings
LxWxH: 970x440x340mm
G.W: 24KG
General tools: spark plug wrench, wheel wrench, allen wrench(5pcs), cross wrench, mixed fuel ratio can, charger, multi tool, air filter foam element set, repair bag, a set of spare oil bottles.

Compatible with HPI 5B, 5T, King Motor and other Baja Buggies.