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QuadPack 25 Multi-Rotor Controllers (4)

This pack of four (4) 25 amp ESCs has already been optimized for use in your Quadcopter or Multi-Rotor by utilizing three (3) ESCs without a BEC and one (1) with a BEC. No more hassling with disabling the BEC on three of the ESC, this package is made specifically to save you the headache. The small footprint and lightweight design makes it the perfect choice for smaller Quads and Multi-Rotors.


  • Wide input voltage range (6-25.2V)
  • High Maximum electrical RPM (300,000 eRPM) - a must have for FPV racers! Adaptive Timing System for Increased Power and Efficiency
  • Low Internal Resistance for Maximum Efficiency
  • Low Latency Throttle Response - provides better stability and control! Auto Detecting Servo PWM (500HZ) and OneShot 125 (4Khz) input options
  • Very Linear Throttle Response - improves "feel" in flight! Active Braking - quicker throttle response when decelerating!

Programmable with the Castle Link USB Adapter - the Castle Link software suite offers industry leading software functions and programming capability as well as access to all firmware updates and new features at no cost!

Throttle Calibration and Motor Direction can be easily set in the field Two versions - one with a low noise 5.6V 5A switching Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) and one with no BEC to reduce weight

Best Suited For:

FPV Racing Drones
Battle Drones
Large Camera Carrying Multi-Rotors
Large Payload Carrying Multi-Rotors