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Mini-Z Velos 20A Brushless ESC / Servo controller

Furitek Velos 20A Brushless ESC  / Servo controller

The Velos 20A ESC from Furitek is designed for Mini-Z enthusiasts looking to push the performance envelope with a brushless power system. Thanks to the convenient two in one design, an ESC and servo controller, this conversion is now incredibly simple thanks to the single board from Furitek. The 20A ESC can additionally handle up to 40A of burst current, and offers incredibly smooth power delivery with brushless motors. Additionally, the Velos is compatible with external receivers from all brands, so you can even install your own preferred radio system for even finer control and comfort when driving.

The Velos can be adjusted when paired with the optional bluetooth module (or purchased together as a combo), users can see all available options on both Apple and Android devices via the FuriCar app.

Optional upgraded frames such as the PN 2.5 or NEXX Skyline frames also require a separate brushless ESC & servo controller. The Velos 20A ESC installs into these aftermarket frames with ease. 

The advanced design of the Velos ESC allows for superior servo control thanks to the high speed and response hardware and firmware. For drivers looking for every single ounce of performance, look no further, this is the clear choice.

40.2x20mm (LxW)
Weight: ~4g
Battery Type: 2s 7.4V LiPo | AAA Type
Motor Type: Brushed DC | Sensorless Brushless DC
ESC Current: 20A Constant | 40A Burst
Waterproof: NO


  • (1) Furitek 20A ESC
  • (1) Bluetooth Module
  • (1) Cable Connection