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Speedrun Low ESR Capacitor Bank (2S-8S)

Team Brood Speedrun Low ESR Capacitor Bank (2S-8S)

The Team Brood Speed Run Low ESR Ripple Reducing Capacitor Bank was designed specifically for 2-8S speed run applications. Cap Packs are beneficial as they help to protect the ESC from ripple voltage during hard acceleration. Ripple voltage is hard on the ESC, and an additional capacitor pack helps reduce the load on the capacitors in the ESC, and extend their lifespan.

These capacitor banks feature four 2400uF capacitors on custom made circuit boards - no bread boards here! Large solder tabs allow you to solder on different lengths or gauges of wire, while replacement heatshrink is also available. 

NOTE: These should be installed as close to the battery terminals on the ESC as possible. If you can solder it directly to the post, even better. 

Capacitance Rating: 9600 uF (x4 2400uf)
Voltage Rating: 63v
Ripple Current @ Low Frequency Rating: 4.24 Amps @ 120Hz per capacitor
Ripple Current @ High Frequency Rating: 5.66 Amps @ 100kHz per capacitor
ESR Rating: 21 mOhm per capacitor
Temperature Rating: 135 C
Wire Size: 4 Inches 10 AWG 
Dimensions (Does NOT include Wire)
Length: 92mm
Width: 25mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: 108 Grams (Includes Wire)