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Super Cars Set;15ft Track,Mega G+ Chassis,Tri-Pack

Manufacturer #:AFX22005

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Super Cars
With over 15 running feet of track the Super Cars Set makes 3 exciting layouts. It’s also the only AFX set that comes with a photo realistic pit building to keep the dust off your Ford GTs.

AFX Exclusive Mega G+ Race System
The easiest slot car system to learn on and drive at the limit with the lowest, lightest, best-handling chassis anywhere. Made up of our new Mega G+ Chassis, Upgraded AFX120 Controllers and Exclusive Tri-Power Pack, the Mega G+ Race System is the perfect balance of grip and speed.

AFX Exclusive Tri-Power Pack
Adjustable power levels allow all drivers, regardless of skill, to get the most out of their race! Changing levels is as simple as flipping a switch. At full throttle through every turn you can expect the following:

Beginner (8v): Stay on track about 95% of the time
Intermediate (12v): Stay on track about 60% of the time
Expert (22v): You’re on your own!


  • 15.4 feet of the best track you can buy – AFX track is easy to use, high quality and reliable
  • (2) Mega G+ Spectacular Ford GT bodies – Deeply sculpted aerodynamic tunnels, wings, louvers and rocker panels – unprecedented in 1/64th scale slot cars
  • (1) Tune-up Kit – Keep your cars running strong
  • (1) 22 volt Tri-Power Pack – Compare to the 17 volts in other people’s sets
  • (2) AFX120 Controllers – Upgraded for easy drivability
  • Photo realistic, 3D Pit Building – Adds to the realism and fun!