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2018 TALION 6S BLX Truggy Red/Black

Manufacturer #:AR106030

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Fully equipped and ready to bash!

Nothing can prepare you for the 70+ mph speeds you'll experience with the ultra-sleek, low-CG TALION 6S BLX! The redesigned front end is lower and sleeker, dramatically reducing drag while boosting top-end speeds. The updated suspension is optimized for on-road speed runs, yet it's equally at home going off-road. Electronics have been moved closer to the back of the vehicle for superior stability. When it comes to blistering speeds out of the box, there's nothing else like the TALION 6S BLX!
  • Aggressively designed low-profile body.
  • Low-profile dBoots Katar tires designed for ultimate bite.
  • Newly designed multi-element high-downforce wing.
  • New tire and wheel package is optimized for on-road speed runs as well as off-roading.
  • Lower shock towers allow low and sleek body shell for superior aerodynamics.
  • All-new shocks with 4 mm shafts complement the shock towers and boost durability.
  • Shares the battery tray, battery box and adjustable body mounts from the OUTCAST 6S.
  • New, larger radio box.
  • New low-profile wing mount.
  • Stronger front hubs.
  • Stiffer servo mount.
  • Stronger bulkheads.
  • Stronger front and rear chassis braces.
  • Two XT90 battery connectors.