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FireSense+ Handheld Aerosol Fire Extinguisher (13.5oz)

4Fire International FireSense+ Handheld Fire Suppression System (13.5oz)

4Fire International FireSense+ Handheld Fire Suppression System. The 13.5oz canister is compact and efficient while remaining value-conscious. This versatile device is intended to handle A, B, F, and Electrical (up to 1000v) rated fires. Its compact design ensures it takes up minimal storage space, making it an ideal solution for constrained storage areas such as pit bags. While we cannot guarantee this will put out a fire, we can tell you it is better than peeing on it.

Product Warning: Due to the unpredictable nature of heat and fire, and also the individual using FireSense+, 4Fire International, SPA Technique, Inc. and its agents are NOT responsible or liable if a fire is not extinguished. Not withstanding the previous statements, the total liability of any occurrence affiliated to a fire or fires, is limited to the value of the product contained within this can.

Fire Type Ratings:

  • A – Ordinary combustibles (wood, paper, fabrics & plastics etc.)
  • B – Flammable liquids (gasoline, grease, oil, paint, solvents etc.)
  • F – Cooking oils or fats (kitchenware etc.)
  • Non-conductive up to 1000v