Flitt Flying Pocket Camera

Manufacturer #:HCAE11LL

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Flitt Flying Camera

Fly. Shoot. Share.

Fly. Shoot. Share. With Flitt, a flying camera that fits in your pocket. The Flitt flying camera and app are like having your own personal red carpet photographer on demand all day every day. It's small, innovative, and designed for fun. 

Flitt uses optical positioning to hold your flight position, indoors or out, without the use of GPS. It's also equipped with three flight modes so you can tailor every flight to your comfort level.

There's also built-in modes designed to maximize your snapping ease. Selfie mode keeps you center frame no matter where your adventure takes you. Scenery mode gets shots of the surrounding environment. Either way, you're getting pictures with a 1.3 megapixel quickly, easily, and safely. It's as easy as fly, shoot, share. 

With burst and single shot settings for stills, plus video, it's ready to capture the moment however and wherever you want. Plus, the app is intuitive and easy to use. One touch launches the drone and gets it in position for the perfect selfie. One touch brings it back in for a landing. Fine tuning your shot is as easy as swiping left or right.

An interactive display tells you how much space is left for photos and videos, keeps you up to date on your Wi-Fi access, and makes it easy to go straight to your gallery. Possibly best of all, the Flitt App lets you upload pics and vids to multiple social media platforms quickly, so you can focus on getting the next shot.
Hobbico Flitt Flying Pocket Size Camera w/Optical Flow - in a pocket
Safe flying equals fun flying. Flitt was developed with built-in safety features to protect you and others. At only 4oz, it is packed with a massive amount of technology in a tiny, lightweight footprint.
Hobbico Flitt Flying Pocket Size Camera w/Optical Flow - in a pocket
Slim, easily portable flying camera that fits in a pocket.
Hobbico Flitt Flying Pocket Size Camera w/Optical Flow - 1.3MP camera
1.3MP camera for stills and 720P video
  • Folding legs for easy transportation
  • Super fast start up—fly in 30 seconds!
  • 3, 5, 10, and 15 photo burst modes
  • Instant share options
  • Selfie orientation mode points camera at user on takeoff
  • Scenery orientation mode sets you up for environmental shots
  • Optical flow orientation control for easier flights without GPS
  • Barometer-controlled altitude hold
  • Auto takeoff and auto land
  • LED status indicators
  • Auto land safety features for loss of power and out of range conditions
  • Emergency quick land button

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