Krytox GPL 100 0.25oz

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Krytox GPL
Derby Worx uses ONLY 100% pure Krytox®™ GPL 100** whenever a light racing oil is permitted for use in Pinewood Derby Car Racing . This is a premium synthetic thin-film lubricant that contains NO additives giving it an extremely low viscosity for quicker starts and faster overall runs of your Pinewood Derby Racer.  Krytox®™ GPL 100 will outperform any graphite or oil currently on the market today,  give consistently faster run times for for up to 3 times as many runs as the leading Pinewood Derby Racing Graphite when applied correctly and does not require to be re-applied on or during race day to get maximum performance like graphite’s do.  Not only is Krytox®™ GPL 100 much easier, cleaner and faster to apply than graphite but it requires no break-in runs at all to reach top speeds. Not only is Krytox®™GPL100  extremely clean and mess-free when properly applied, but Krytox®™ GPL 100 is also much cleaner and easier on the race tracks requiring virtually NO clean-up like graphite.  Krytox®™ GPL100 is also the perfect choice  for that AWESOME paint job that you worked so hard on, where graphite will stain and ruin a light color paint job but Krytox®™GPL100 will not.

Application Instructions

When using Krytox™ GPL 100 it is important to remember that less is best. There is no benefit in over lubing, 1-2 light drops spread evenly to create a film on the axle and wheel hub bore are all that is needed for maximum performance.

To apply:

  1. Place  1-2  light drops of Krytox™ GPL 100 on the axle shaft where the wheel will rest.
  2. Gently turn the axle with your fingers to allow the Krytox to coat the shaft where the wheel will rest.
  3. Place a wheel onto the axle shaft.
  4. Spin the wheel a few times and allow to come to a stop.
  5. Remove the wheel.
  6. Gently wipe off the excess oil from the axle with the edge of a clean soft rag.
  7. Re-install the wheel back onto the axle.
  8. Repeat for the other axles and wheels.