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Replacement parts

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10in Hot Glue Sticks (10)


2.4 inch Wheels


Bottom Hatch: Convergence


Control Horn (20 pieces)


Cowl: Mini Apprentice S


Cowl: Sport Cub


Cowling: Carbon Cub 15cc


Decal Set: NIGHTvisionaire


Firewall & Motor Mount: Mini Apprentice S


Landing Gear set: ICON A5


Leading edge slats: UMX Timer


Mighty Mini Control Horns (20 pieces)


Mighty Mini Firewalls (5)


Motor Mount With Screws: Sport Cub


Nose Gear Arm & Mounting Strap: Mini Apprentice S


Propeller: P-51 BL, 9 x 6; Sportsman S+


Props (4pcs): Ascent MTX


PT-17 1.1m: Landing Gear Set


RTF Standard Replacement Servo


Spinner 34mm: Mini Apprentice S


Spinner: Sport Cub


Swappable Firewalls (5)


Tail Set: Mini Apprentice S


XT-60 Power Y-Harness