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Adjustable Battery Tray COL.XT


Alum 17mm Wheel Hex Colossus XT


Ball End B7.8


Caster Block and Steering Knuckle Set, Colossus XT


Caster Block, Colossus XT


Complete Bumper Set (F/R), Colossus XT


Flange Bushing #4X6


Lower Bracket


Radio and Battery Tray (GST-E)


Shock Damper Tube, 4x7x12 (4pcs), Colossus XT


Shock Shaft 4x77mm 2pcs


Steering Knuckle, Colossus XT


Steering Plastic Parts


Susp Arms Set (Upper/Lower)Colossus XT


Threaded Hinge Pin (3Mx44)


Threaded Hinge Pins 4X56 Colossus XT


Threaded Hinge Pins 4X73