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Knobby Tires Anti-Growth Mesh

Manufacturer #:RV95255

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Knobby Tires
Rear Baja Buggy Knobby Tires With Anti-Growth Mesh Installed on 6 Spoke Rims (2)
Color: Black

Buggy Knobby Tires/Rims Package 170mm X 80mm
New Anti-growth mesh bonded to the inside of the tire for added strength Very aggressive turf ripping tread pattern with deep knobbys that last a long time.
Set of 2 rear wheels, brand new ready to bolt right on. Can also be used on other buggies with 24mm hex. These come mounted on new style six spoke rims with heavy duty bead-locks and metal inner hex brace. Blue foams installed, ready to bolt right on!

Fits HPI Baja 5B SC 2.0 Fits Rovan Baja Buggy Fits King Baja Buggy